We are an Award Winning Construction firm offering a complete integrated service – from start to finish and everything in-between. We work with our clients to understand their specific requirements and assist them in achieving their outcomes on budget, on time and on brand.

In addition to our commitment to quality services, Construction By Design offers a unique point of difference. We have been successfully utilizing new technology and methods making all our building methods energy efficient which is providing client’s the reassurance that we are there fulfilling their needs.


We are heavily focused on the details, as we believe the experience of a space occurs at various scales from first encounter to engagement. We overcome challenges through a tenacious and questioning approach, drawing on a wide-range of technical expertise. Our team consistently works to the highest professional standards and work collectively as a cohesive team to deliver projects that yield multiple business benefits.


The first 5% and the last 5% is a theory implemented in our business since the start. The first 5% of under taking a project sets it up to succeed and has the greatest effect on outcomes and the project cost. Our emphasis on the first 5% mitigates hazard by identifying issues, and discovering solutions, at an early stage. The last 5% is similarly as significant. Delivering on time to our very high standard is one of the key factors in our 80% recurrent customer rate.


Our approach to wellbeing and safety is based on the belief that everybody has the right to be safe at work and return home safely consistently and furthermore the obligation to look after themselves and everyone around them. To convey on this rationality we put the equivalent spotlight on our safety frameworks and culture. To keep up our safety culture, our site groups are urged to consistently discover better and safer methods for getting things done .They are empowered to take responsibility for all safety measures on their ventures and to draw in and consult with contractors and partners to encourage a proactive safety culture.